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Submit and manage volunteer background screening 100% online to minimize your workload and provide you with verified volunteer credentials, auto-renewal notifications, and powerful reports to help you track your volunteers’ background status.

OurVolunteer Screening Best Practices eBook explains how our Secure Volunteer platform allows users to manage and facilitate all of your volunteer background check processing. Click the button to the right to view the eBook today!

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Better Background Checks

You can trust the reliability and quality of our background checks. Getting it right is incredibly important to us. It's one of the reasons customers have trusted us for over 20 years.


We Make It Easy

Our easy-to-use platform lets volunteers order and complete their background checks so you can accomplish more without increasing your workload.


Volunteer Payment Options

Protect your budget by allowing volunteers to pay for their background screen. No hassle online payment makes it easy, and great volunteers are happy to help.

Purpose Driven

We Are Purpose Driven

Every team member in our company is a part of our mission to help our customers protect what matters most. We join you on a hero's mission to help keep your business safe. That passion shows in our work and infuses the relationship with our customers.


Personalized For Your Mission

Promote your brand and mission with personalized applicant portals and flexible screening packages to handle your specific screening needs. It's not our style to treat you like a number.


Background Check Cards

Keeping up with whose screened and who isn't is easy with our "background screen approved" cards. Each volunteer receives a personalized card so members of your team can quickly see their background screening status.

Trusted by Thousands of Organizations

We are a leading provider of volunteer background screening that helps organizations find amazing volunteers. Our customers are Non-Profits, Schools, Parks and Recreation, Ministries, Healthcare, and other organizations that count on the valued efforts of volunteers.


Over 16 Million Screens Completed Supporting Non-Profits and Schools


Over 10 Thousand Estimated Locations Protected by Secure Volunteer

Volunteer Pay Options

With easy volunteer pay options you have the flexibility to choose who and how much is paid for background screens.

  • Organization Pays 100%
  • Volunteer Pays 100%
  • Volunteer Pays a Portion

Volunteers are generally very agreeable to paying for their own background screen. In fact, in recent survey we conducted we asked over 10,000 volunteers how they felt about background screens and the results were encouraging...


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